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Detox your body & Reboot your mind  at Kent Cottage holidays. Understand Nutrition Detoxify your body Weight loss Improve your immunity Clearer Skin More energy Improved vision Less stressed Look & feel younger More fun Detox your body Reboot your mind Weight loss Improve your immunity Look & feel younger Understand Nutrition Clearer Skin

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There are limited spaces so early interest / enrolment is advised.

Chris Whalley Personal fitness instructor, N.A.B.B.A Strategic Intervention life coach, R.M.T Human Needs psychology S.I.L.C pH nutritional consultant

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Tel: 07843847378 or 07739850975

Email: michelle@kentcottageholidays.com

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Come stay with us in Kent,  Detox your body and Reboot your mind.
Enjoy the luxury of our award winning properties for your personal transformation.
Chris is a Strategic Intervention Practitioner, Psychologist, Ph nutritional consultant, fitness instructor and life coach.

Have you ever wondered WHY we do all those things that simply do not serve us?
Or why we procrastinate and sabotage our lives when times get tough.  
Do you struggle to get motivated and have no energy?
Do you have that inner need to change direction for a more fulfilled life?
If the answer is yes, this means you need a Reboot.  Re-education and understanding of how to get the life you want.

 3 day boot camps “Does what is says on the tin”

Chris will take you through a Simple to understand process of not just “how” to detoxify but “why” we should, you will learn hands on, how to prepare your meal plans, juices and smoothies including all the recipes you need to get you started on your road to prime health, Chris has many years of experience in physical education, psychology, homeopathy, and simple ph. nutrition.

For us to enjoy the energy health wealth and vitality we all ultimately want, we must first come to the understanding of why we do the things  that hold us back from achieving it.
Strategic Intervention is a set of tools & understanding that help you understand yourself and the world around us by gently assisting you in dissolving the barriers holding you from your reaching your potential and the chains that keep you attached to your past.

“When we understand how something functions - we then know how to correct it”

Chris has a simple philosophy,
There is always a simple answer or explanation to everything
we just need to look past the fear guilt and corruption that's been imposed upon us.